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The Parent Council serves as an advisory body to the Director, on operational topics of the Moss Street Children’s Center. Much of this handbook was developed in partnership with the Parent Council.

Issues that the Parent Council examine include the budget, hiring, grievances, admissions and fundraising. Each council meeting begins with introductions.

The council meets quarterly while school is in session. Meeting schedules are posted for parents. The council elects a parent chairperson and establishes its own operating rules. The Moss Street director is responsible for submitting an executive summary for each meeting. A Moss street representative from the teaching staff also attends these meetings.

Free child care and a meal are provided for all council meetings. We ask, when possible, for parents to sign-up ahead of time to attend so enough staffing and food can be arranged for each meeting. A sign-up sheet will be posted at the front desk several days before a meeting.

The primary avenue for parent involvement in planning and operations is through the Parent Council. The council governance document includes the following statements on the roles of the Parent Council and Moss street staff:

The relationship between the Moss Street Parent Council (herein after, the council) and staff at Moss Street must be, by its nature, collaborative. The council and staff shall work together to promote program excellence and fiscal stability.

The staff, for legal, contractual, educational and programmatic reasons provide continuity in all areas for which they are responsible.

The council is involved to ensure that the programs meet, as is feasible, the needs and desires of program parents and their children.

Together, staff and parents, shall work to guide the programs in the best possible way.

In practical terms, the council advises the staff. The staff has an obligation to consider such advice seriously and to represent the position of the council, should it be necessary, to the EMU. For its part, the council shall solicit, and consider seriously, advice from staff in exploring options for setting Moss Street’s direction.

Any parent who wishes, can be an active Parent Council member. One or two staff members are chosen by the classified staff to be members of the council and the council as a whole advises the director on pertinent issues. Any parent with children enrolled at Moss Street may attend.

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