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Vivian Olum
  • 1650 Columbia Street
    5222 University of Oregon
    Eugene OR 97403-5222
  • Phone: (541) 346-6586
  • Website: https://olum.uoregon.edu/

Child Care Subsidy, an incidental fee funded program, reimburses a percentage of childcare expenses paid for lower-income student parents. The goal of the program is to ease the financial pressure of paying child care expenses while also paying college tuition. Subsidies are based on levels of need (similar to the Department of Human Service). Parents awarded subsidy receive a subsid ranging from 20%-50%.

If you want more information on the subsidy you can pick up an application at our front desk or visit http://uoregon.orgsync.com/org/childcaresubsidy

Non-traditional Student Union (NSU) members are a unique group of students. Such students often find themselves juggling school, work, family, childcare, elder care and social time. Due to time constraints created by such a full plate, there is very little programming for non-traditional students. Therefore, it is the intention of the NSU to provide unique programming, resource referrals and space to nontraditional students.

If you want further information on the Non-Traditional Student Union go to their website at http://leadership.uoregon.edu/get_involved/student_groups/487

Spencer View Co-op

Work Life Resources

Lactation Support at U of O

Work-Life Resources, a program of Human Resources, is dedicated to helping individuals and departments effectively manage personal, family, and community life with work and educational responsibilities.

For more information visit the Work-Life website at http://hr.uoregon.edu/worklife

Are you a university student, faculty, or staff member who is nursing your baby?

You may want to take advantage of the Lactation and Family Support Rooms on campus or the Personal Refrigerator Lending Program.

For more information visit http://hr.uoregon.edu//node/231