School age child reading with care giver.

School Age

NOTE: Program is on pause; we are not currently providing care for this age group.

Kindergarten–Third Grade

Because these children attend our program after school, their classrooms are arranged to be primarily recreational. Many of the activities we provide are planned to increase children's abilities to interact independently and positively with each other, to take responsibility for themselves, and to learn to play individual and team games.

On the parent counter—where you sign out—you will find our daily schedules, and on the glass wipe-off board you will see what the children decided to do. We encourage them to plan for themselves, and we try to provide what they need to implement their ideas.

During Eugene School District 4J’s school year, the Moss Street Children’s Center shares after-school transportation responsibilities with the Vivian Olum Center, coordinating our pick-up schedules with several schools. After-school bus service to Moss Street costs $6 per day, or $20 per each four or five days, on after-school care days.

As part of our summer program, we offer weekly field trips and swim lessons.

We love parents to be involved. Come by and have lunch, read a story, or just hang out. Let us know if you have ideas for a field trip or activity that you would like to be involved with. We welcome your input.

Cost of Services


UO Student All Other Families
$4.45 per hour $6.00 per hour

Classroom Hours

  • During school year: Monday–Thursday, 2:45–5:45 p.m., and 1:30–5:45 p.m. on early-release Fridays
  • During summer: Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m.–5:45 p.m.

Daily Communication

We recognize that parents often need current information about their child’s routines and behavior while in care. Brief check-ins at drop-off or pick-up are a good way to share information about how children are doing each day. However, teachers are often busy with other children, so they may not always be available. In addition to conferences that are scheduled each year, parents or teachers can request an individual meeting if questions or concerns arise.

When school-age children arrive at Moss Street by bus, our staff will sign them in. Parents will still be responsible for signing them out at pick-up. If your school-age child will not be attending Moss Street on a particular day, please inform us in advance. This is especially important when the child is transported by bus to Moss Street. Parents who do not inform us of absenses will be charged as if the child is in attendance.


Meals are prepared by the Moss Street kitchen staff. The children and staff eat all meals together at classroom tables. We believe that these shared meals help develop relationships, interest in food, good eating habits, and social and self-help skills.

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Staff for our School Age community

Dan Tewksbury

Dan Tewksbury

Preschool Lead Teacher
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