Our Mission

The primary mission of Moss Street Children’s Center is to remove childcare as a barrier to student parents’ access to the university. This is accomplished by providing high-quality, affordable childcare in a convenient location, with scheduling options that support students who are also parents.

Our secondary mission is to enhance the learning experiences of undergraduate and graduate college students by providing employment, internship, volunteering, and observational experiences in the field of early childhood education.

Incidental fees, parent fees for service, and federal and state sources combined, allow us to meet our mission.

We are committed to:

  • Multicultural awareness and respect of diversity through opportunities for children and staff to learn about each other’s cultures, values, and beliefs
  • Promoting the social-emotional development of each child by providing empirically based and developmentally appropriate activities
  • Including children and staff with a variety of abilities
  • Adhering to high safety and supervision standards
  • Being child centered and family focused
  • Providing multiple scheduling options for both families and our student staff
  • Actively seeking opportunities for parent and staff input and engagement
  • Offering after-school transportation for children in neighborhood elementary schools (school-age care is on pause; we are not currently providing care for this age group)
  • Supporting student staff to connect their co-curricular experience at Moss Street with their academic and professional goals
  • Maintaining minimal turnover of staff through professional development, support, and planning