How to Re-enroll

Once your child is admitted to Moss Street, enrollment continues throughout the school year. This includes any finals week and any break week days that we are open. Once care has begun, we require a 30-day written notice for complete withdrawal from Moss Street.

All families, including returning families, must submit a new care application for each academic year. This can be done starting on April 15 for the upcoming academic year, with care starting in September.

Child Care Application


  1. Returning student families (full, then part-time)
  2. New student families (full, then part-time)
  3. Returning UO employee families
  4. New UO employee families

Moving Up to an Older Age Group

Teachers will consult with parents to discuss the child’s readiness for a smooth transition to an older age group. Language and reasoning abilities are factors, but social skills and self-sufficiency skills are of greater importance.

Any such "graduations" into older age groups will be on a space-available basis, with returning families having scheduling priority. Prior to children moving to a new age group, an orientation for parents and visits to the new classroom for children will be scheduled.

Children will be considered too old for a program when they have reached the top age for that program, plus three months. Occasionally, a child will not be able to move into an older age group due to a lack of available space. For currently enrolled children, accommodation will be made in the program to meet the needs of such children. New children will only be enrolled within available spaces in the appropriate age group.