Payment and Fees

Billing Structure

At the beginning of each month, billing statements are placed in parent mailboxes at the entrance to each classroom. The statement will include the following charges:

  • Cost of scheduled care for the next four weeks (charges are still in effect for days a child is absent)
  • All meals served during the previous four weeks of care
  • Any drop-in care accrued during the previous four weeks

Billing dates for both weekly set schedules and previously served meals are indicated on each statement.

Payment is due upon receipt and no later than the first week of the month. If a family does not keep their account current, they will not be able to continue care into the next month, nor will they be confirmed for care for any future terms.

How to Pay

Families have several options for paying their montly bills:

  • Pay with cash for the exact amount in person at Moss Street.
  • Pay with a credit or debit card, in person only, at Moss Street (not by phone, nor email).
  • Pay using our online payment form.
  • Pay by check in person or by mail. Please make checks payable to Moss Street Children’s Center. Payments can be mailed to Moss Street Children’s Center, 1685 Moss St., Eugene, OR 97403.
  • UO-affiliated families can choose to have their monthly bill transferred to their main UO account, where online payments are possible. If you want this option, please request it in writing. You are still committed to paying each transferred amount within the same timeline as if you were paying directly at Moss Street.