Visiting Your Children at Moss Street

Families with young babies are encouraged to visit in order to feed them or otherwise meet their baby’s needs. With all ages, parents are welcome at any time; however, it is important to be aware that parental visits can be disruptive to classroom routines or to children’s participation in classroom activities. In general, the best times for visiting a program are at pick-up time, or when arranged with the classroom teaching staff.

Annual Events

Each year Moss Street Children’s Center puts on events to bring families together. Parents are involved through the Parent Council to help plan these events.


The annual Harvest Festival is held at the center on a Friday evening in late October.


Moss Street welcomes all of our families to a pancake breakfast at the center.


Each June we recognize our oldest preschoolers for their transition to elementary school.


In July all families are invited to a Moss Street birthday party and evening barbecue.


Parent Council

The primary avenue for parent involvement in planning and operations is through the Moss Street Parent Council. The council serves as an advisory body to the director of Moss Street on such operational topics as budget, hiring, grievances, admissions, and fundraising.

Get Involved with Parent Council


Moss Street participates in the eScrip program, a simple way to raise funds. Parents, staff, and friends can sign up using ID 9259684, and then make purchases using their registered credit or debit card. Moss Street earns a small percent of the money spent at participating merchants.

Additionally, Moss Street parents hold periodic fundraising events for classroom supplies and other school needs. Fundraisers may also be held at local restaurants; these tasty events are advertised through flyers handed out and emailed to parents and staff.

Sign Up for eScrip

Parent Volunteers

Parents are welcome to volunteer at Moss Street by helping with special projects, accompanying their child’s class on field trips, and by sharing special talents or family and cultural traditions. All parents interested in accompanying the class on field trips or volunteering in the classroom must complete a UO Human Resources background check; Moss Street will assist with the form and processing.

Moss Street will also occasionally ask parents to participate in parent work parties, focused either on general center fix-ups or on specific projects.